Equip The LG G5 With These Accessories, And It Will Have Smartphone Super Powers

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There’s no denying that the LG G5 was one of the gadgets that wowed the MWC audience in Barcelona, and how it’s still leaving us feeling breathless upon seeing such a gorgeous masterpiece. Since it’s already gorgeous enough, you’ll love it even more with these two accessories that would seemingly provide with it some kick-ass smartphone superpowers.

One of them which caught our interest is the LG HiFi Plus, in which it offers amazing improvement on the music you’re listening to (yes, calling all audiophiles), since that’s what we could expect from the ‘less than half an inch’ expansion we get when plugged into it. So you can really expect sounds to amplify since it plays 32-bit audio in high fidelity at 384 kHz.

The other accessory could be something that’s not to everyone’s liking, but it’s still worth to use since it’s an interesting-looking one. The LG Cam Plus adds physical buttons on your device to turn on the camera, capture images, control the shutter, zoom and even record, so it’ll make you feel as if you’re holding a real camera instead. Of course, it just means that your phone would be substantially more bulkier, but at the same time it provides the extra grip, so there’s good and there’s bad.

Which smartphone superpower would you rather have your LG G5 be equipped with?