Fallout 4 Can Be A Breeze If You Follow This Guy’s Advice

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This is possibly the most thoughtful Fallout fan ever. If you’ve just recently joined in the bandwagon of playing this obsessive RPG game and are having some issues (because well, you’re a newbie after all), look no further. We’ve extracted a few helpful tips given by the legendary Fallout 4 player that goes by the name of Toggy_Wonga.

Toggy spent a considerable amount of time to list down recommendations just for the newer players. And it’s not only because he wanted them to become the next Commonwealth legend, he’s also making sure that they don’t play the game too much and ultimately suing Bethesda for their supposed addiction.

The most interesting advice Toggy has given so far is probably this: max out your Charisma statistic instead of opting for Strength or Intelligence, because you’ll eventually accrue more XP bonuses in the end. Well, at least it’s not something you might have expected, right?

And then there’s another that players have got to opt for, especially when they’re particularly busy: maximizing the Intelligence stat to 10, Perception to 6, and Luck to 5. This is somewhat of a shortcut for busy gamers because this would still enable them to enjoy the game at the fullest.

Of course this list isn’t exhaustive, here’s the link if you’ll like to know more about the tips Toggy gives. Guessing he’s probably tried the game in every possible way in order to make it easier for others who have yet to experience it. Regardless, he’s one cool and considerate dude, kudos to him!