Fallout 4: Home To The Strangest Glitches Ever

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If you have been creeped out by the fact that there are floating animals, or even the wild flapping arm on the floor, chances are you’ve not seen the worst (yes, possibly the worst) one yet.

One Reddit user found something extremely strange while inserting a USB stick halfway through the game. We certainly do not know what happened, but it’s really odd and creepy, to say the least. We’ll just give you some heads up, just in case you might not dare to play the video; the entire image on the screen just sort of fades upon the user inserting a USB stick into his system. It seems as though some force has been awaken (no pun intended), and that some weird hacking has been done to your system, ultimately making it a supercomputer.

Okay, probably not to that extent, but just watch it and you’ll know what we meant. In the meantime, we’ll just try not to replay it again, because you know, goosebumps…