Fallout 4 Superfan Offers Advice For Newbies

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This Fallout 4 player, who goes by Toggy_Wonga and nicknamed as The Swole Survivor, is devoted and thoughtful; Toggy allocates some of his time to give tips to newer players so they will not only become the next Commonwealth legend, but to also enjoy the game moderately, and by that, players won’t have any reason to sue Bethesda for personal losses.

Perhaps the most interesting suggestion given by Toggy is this: maxing out your Charisma statistic instead of opting for useful ones like Strength or Intelligence, because players would eventually accrue more XP bonuses afterwards. There’s also another where Toggy highlights the perks from maximizing the Intelligence stat to 10, Perception to 6 and Luck to 5. This is usually for those who are particularly busy, so they could still be able to enjoy the game at the fullest. We believe he’s probably tried the game in every way possible in order to analyze on which decisions to make would be best to move on to the next level.

This list is definitely not exhaustive, and if you’ll like to read more about the tips suggested by Toggy, you’ve got to check them all here. Regardless, here’s a big virtual thanks to this cool dude for taking the time to teach the newbies!