“Fallout 4” & “The Elder Scrolls” Have Common Interest: Their Biggest Problem Is…

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Apart from having the most hilarious (and sometimes terribly wrong) glitches and bugs, the sole reason for their suffering is none other than the combat department. Perhaps the theory whereby nothing is perfect applies to the world of gaming as well; there’s always (at least) one problem that’s keeping gamers from calling their favourite game “perfect”.

Sure, there are always those easily-satisfied gamers that would be very much content after hours into the game, but looking at it as a whole, Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls, as well as The Witcher 3 really does fail in terms of combat. Despite having numerous supporters and garnering a very large fan base, and even named as some of the best games in 2015, as far as shooters go, there are plenty other games that come with better mechanics, without a doubt.

It’s still going to be a favourite amongst gamers, but whether or not you’re enjoying it to the fullest, that’s a whole other story.