Fallout 4: Which Faction Should You Belong To?

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Just like Divergent, the world of Fallout 4 revolves around four factions too, and players need to choose from one of them to have their preferred ending to the game. And you should probably know by now that whatever decision you make would affect the mission you’re assigned on, ultimately affecting your resulting ending. But don’t you get all worried you might not end up well in the game, because we’ll go through the reasons on why you should choose a faction to side with, and which is the best among all.

The factions available in the game are: The Minutemen, The Brothers of Steel, The Railroad and The Institute. And while each of these factions have their very own set of beliefs, it’s good to note that your choice will pave the way for one faction to best another; all the while being assigned to the “jobs” you’re supposed to complete. But how would you know which of these factions would provide you the best experience?

For starters, you will really need to know all four factions and their convictions. The Minutemen is probably the most zealous of the lot; probably since they strongly desire to live freely. But you’ll still get to have some adventures with them despite their laid-back zealous attitude. For The Brothers of Steel (BoS), it’s pretty obvious that they are hardcore fighters, and will fight as well as collect pre-war technology with hopes of saving everyone.

The Railroad takes a different perspective on the “saving everyone” part; because their “everyone” includes that of the Synths. And they would do whatever it takes to give Synths the freedom they desire, even if it means destroying another faction. And lastly, The Institute is probably the most complicated of the lot. It’s the complete opposite of The Railroad, whereby they live as though saying, “you’re either with us or against us, and if you’re against us, we’ll wipe you out even if you are human”.

That should be able to give you a rough idea on which factions interests you more. With that being said, don’t sue Bethesda or us for influencing you into playing hundreds of hours into the game (since you’ll most likely get addicted to it).