Farewell Land Rover Defender, Welcome New Concept

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Perhaps we can quote something in here like, “every beginning will have an end”. It was a saddening day on the 29th of January, as it marks the end of production of the Land Rover’s Defender, their most iconic model for 68 continuous years.

It’s been widely-known as something revolutionary; the chassis of the vehicle was crafted out of aluminium and it isn’t because it was rust-resistant, but rather, because there was a shortage of steel in Great Britain. Then, the Defender had gone through multiple changes that includes an introduction of a diesel engine in the late fifties, various body styles and eventually the ‘Defender’ name.

But it was definitely a moment worth remembering when Land Rover celebrated the final Defender in style. The company invited more than 700 current and former Solihull employees to witness the last Defender roll down the assembly: Number 2,016,933, a Defender 90 Heritage Soft Top finished in a light green.

If you’re wondering what Land Rover’s next move is, well, they are reportedly in the works of a next-generation model that could make its first appearance in 2018. And that the public could get a taste of how it’s going to look like through a concept that they will release in the near future.

Are you excited to see the new-generation car that they’re going to come up with?