Fiat 124 Spider: Fiat And Mazda’s Offspring Is More Matured Than Mazda Itself

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Fiat saw the tremendous success of the Mazda MX-5 and it’s not surprising that the former wants to make something like that on its own. But they needed some help from the Mazda team too, and thus, the Fiat 124 Spider was born. It’s definitely got the Italian character of its own and that to a certain extent, is slightly better than the MX-5 itself.

You can expect the 124 Spider’s interior to bear an uncanny resemblance to that of the MX-5; only those small little changes would have you feel there’s some improvement going there. The soft-touch plastics gives the Fiat a premium classy edge to it, and plentiful of sporty touches are abound for you to enjoy. Though you’ve got some getting-use to do since you’re going to be driving a very low car; vision restrictions may be present.

If you were to compare the 124 Spider and MX-5’s engine, you’re going to want to give some props to the former. The 124 Spider offers much lower in the rev range, and that’s especially true when it develops more torque than the 2.0-litre MX-5, which is 177lb-ft against the other’s 147lb-ft. There’s also an added-in gear flexibility that’s backed up by a more-refined cruising than the one you’ll get in the Mazda.

And we’ve heard from testers that the Fiat’s a little quicker than the Mazda, despite the fact that the latter is quicker on paper than its Fiat counterpart. There’s some noteworthy points to justify that statement. The 124 Spider claims to be able to return 44.1mpg and CO2 emission of 148g/km for road tax of £145 (that’s like about $200), which proves to be a little better than what Mazda claims (with its 40.9mpg and 161g/km CO2 emissions).

Perhaps that little bit of Italian character really does serve the car well in the sense that it’s better than the Mazda in almost every aspect. Of course the comparison list isn’t exhaustive here, but from that alone we get to see how big of a difference they are from one another. Both are still fabulous cars, but if you’re looking for a more matured car, Fiat 124 Spider is your answer.