Flynx: Multitasking To The Next Level

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Do you easily get frustrated sometimes when opening links on your phone while switching apps and screens simultaneously? We feel you. And we’re here to provide you the life-hack that would save you in no time.

Flynx is not just another browser; it’s the name that you will remember from now onwards. It works like a charm; by queueing up articles in the background until you’re ready to read them, in other words, it allows you to continue using Facebook, Instagram or anything else without further interruption. If you would like to give this a try, install Flynx and remember to choose Flynx as your default browser every time you open up a link.

Once you’ve decided to save the links, they would be sent to a small bubble sitting at the side of the screen. And when you’re ready to read them, tap once and you should be able to get the hang of it. It’s worth noting that all the links you’ve stored up can be accessed through the bubbles at the top of your screen, making it hassle-free. But do note that this feature is currently only available to Android phones.

There, now you can proceed with reading off the Facebook News Feed, while saving up interesting articles or videos for later reading and watching, all at the same time. You are now a true multitasker.