Ford-Google Autonomous Partnership: Who Needs Who?

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Ford and Google have agreed on a deal to work together in producing the world’s leading autonomous program that will shape the self-driving future. The deal has got many analysts claiming that Ford needs Google due to its expertise in the tech department.

Well, the analysts are actually inaccurate with their claims. Both Ford and Google equally need each other if they wish to produce the best autonomous system. Without Google, Ford can still move forward as they are one of the best automotive producers in the world right now.

Then again, without Ford, Google will still be a major player in the tech industry as they continue to develop new softwares, program and devices.

For us, we believe that it is Google that needs Ford more. This is why they choose to tie-up with an established carmaker to develop autonomous technology. Without Google, Ford can always do a ‘Tesla’ and developed an autonomous system on their own. What do you think?