Ford Helps You Go Pothole-Free With New Shock Absorber System

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Have you ever felt like you’re constantly battling how to drive without swerving left, right and centre like you do in the video games? In games you’ll just have to avoid obstacles that are not at all damaging to the car, but in reality, potholes are your worst nightmare. But Ford has got this problem not resolved completely, but at least they’re helping to reduce it.

Ford has just recently announced that they’ve developed an advanced computer-controlled shock absorber system for their 2017 Fusion V6 Sport, so that means you’ve got to grab this if you feel like driving with ease. What this system does is it substantially reduces the harsh impact potholes often deliver, and it somehow significantly reduces the overall effects too.

If you’re not convinced that this actually works, the company has actually announced that they’ve tested and tuned this system by driving over countless of potholes; not something pleasant to be doing but Ford’s happy with the results so far. One of the places that Ford had tested on some major terrains was at Belgium, where it’s been deemed to have the world’s worst potholes and other extreme surfaces.

So with that being said, if the car could go through the worst, pretty sure it could go through anything that it faces in the near future. How much are you looking forward to the car and its amazing pothole-detecting software system? Just bear in mind that you should still keep an eye out on them potholes, and not going over them again and again because the system proves it that way.