Ford’s Unicycle An Alternative For Congested Roads, As Usual, It’s Patented

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It’s without a doubt that many automakers like to patent and trademark everything. They would go on to patent some (assumingly) brilliant ideas illustrated on a napkin, something they’ve mentioned in an engineering meeting; literally everything. But why do they have to claim as though everything is theirs?

And Ford is one of them. The latest patent the company is after is trademarking the idea of allowing drivers to remove the rear wheel from their car, transforming it into an over-sized unicycle. The filing was made in June this year, and was only published earlier last week, and what do you think powers the whole thing up? An electric motor attached to the unicycle’s single hub.

Perhaps with the increase of more terrible pollution from the emissions and congested roads, this is their idea for a “cleaner” and “faster” alternative to reach your destination. We’re not sure if pedestrians would regard us as being clowns performing on the roads, but we’re darn sure it’s not going to be as combustive as a hoverboard.