Forget About Half-Life 3, Fan-Made Half-Life Sequel Is Set To Rock The Shelves

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The wait has been unbearable for Half-Life fans, and we can feel every inch of your pain. That’s why there’s something to look forward to if you can’t resist your urge no more. Treat it as somewhat of an additional (or substitute) of the much-loved game, because Prospekt has just been approved by Valve to launch on Steam starting February 11th this year.

This stand-alone, fan-made game is built by one man in 18 months, Richard Seabrook, and he’s used graphics and assets from the prequel, Half-Life 2, in making the game. Prospekt is somewhere in between a sequel and an expansion pack, where it picks up the story from where it’s left; Adrian Shephard, the US Marine who’s the focus of the series.

Seabrook’s game is deemed to be promising. The game would feature 13 new levels, “substantial graphical updates,” and a storyline that’s “comparable to Half-Life 2: Episode One in length”. It’s good to know that this game is currently available for pre-order on Steam for just $10, what we can say is that Seabrook’s done quite an achievement.

Will you be getting it?