Forget About The Full-Scaled Jeep Wrangler, Get The $2,300 Toy Car Instead

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Ever dream of owning a Jeep Wrangler but you couldn’t? Now you can… just that it’s a toy. And a rather expensive one too, for having the price tag of $2,300, even if it’s just 1/8th scale. Seems like owning your dream car may just be a tad too far away, but if you can’t really step up to the full-scaled Wrangler’s price.

But you’re probably wondering, why would you get a toy car when you can actually afford an old used car for the same price? Well, it’s all for the simple reason of this 2-foot Capo Racing Jeep Wrangler for being an actual toy car that works exactly like an actual car.

You’ll be surprised by the intricacy of details that made this car for having reclining seats, an itsy-bitsy dashboard and the hood can even open to reveal an engine bay that is pretty much perfect.

So, are you convinced now that the replica is really worth the price tag?