Fostex & Massdrop Collaborate To Make These Killer Headphones!

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You probably might not have heard of Fostex and Massdrop before, but we assure you after reading this, you would most likely have them on your next shopping list. Their collaboration of making such a gloriously classy-looking set of headphones would instantly make you an audiophile too, if we may say so.

The TH-X00 is designed by the audiophile community at Massdrop and built by the gear makers at Fostex, and with lacquered-mahogany cups, comfortable design and their smooth and pleasing sound, it’s hard not to like these headphones. And even the story of them coming together to collaborate would make you fall in love with them even more. The team behind Massdrop is backed by community’s requirements, whereas Fostex literally made their dreams come true.

Now, who says that designs done by the community doesn’t work? And one thing’s for sure, if the future of shopping is mostly defined by crowdsourcing designs like these, then we certainly cannot wait.