GM Trademarked The Corvette E-Ray, But Ain’t Building One

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Maybe not anytime soon.

Speculations have been rife last week when GM announced that they have trademarked the names of both Corvette E-Ray and just E-Ray, because they will allegedly use it on some vehicle. But, we can’t help but wonder, they are just probably in the midst of creating an electric Corvette Stingray, which explains the patented name, right?

We certainly hope so. But apparently, the folks from TorqueNews are still pessimistic with their hopes of seeing an electric Corvette Stingray being crushed. They went to stress that even with high performance vehicles with electric propulsion systems (like the BMW i8) or high performance hybrids (LaFerrari, Porsche 918), the chance of having the Stingray turned into an EV is very, very slim.

But then again, why did GM want to even trademark the name if it’s not having any plans to build one? Well, two possible reasons: protect the name from being snatched away by the market, and there is a likelihood of GM creating an electric Corvette concept car wearing the E-Ray name.

Alright, we get your confusion. We are, too. So, you’re saying that they don’t have any intention to build an electric Stingray but now they might build an electric Corvette concept car? We’re out.