Google, HTC Follow Up Nexus 5X With Glass Design

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Google Nexus devices have typically been characterized simple and minimalist designs up to the Nexus 5X and 6P. While it appears that the successor to the latter, the 5.5-inch HTC Nexus Marlin, would be going all-metal, the Nexus Sailfish would be a little more complex.

Or maybe the word should be delicate, because according to some leaked images from Android Police the 5.0-inch model would be sporting a rear glass panel, instead of continuing with the grippy polycarbonate build of the 5X.

The frame of Sailfish would be made of metal, while its front face has a look that’s eerily similar to the iPhone. Its fingerprint sensor remains located at the upper half of the rear panel, leaving a large unused space at the chin on its front.


That has not sat well with fans, who couldn’t help but to be bothered by the waste of real estate, especially on a device that has been downsized by 0.2 inches. It should perhaps be used for a front-facing speaker or capacitive buttons.

However, it is a styling attribute also found on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, which were largely praised for their excellent ergonomics. As such the only way to tell if it is indeed the right move to have that empty space would be to have the device in the palm of our hands.

Anyway, the HTC Nexus Marlin and Sailfish are rumored to be launched at the start of October. It’s not long from now, so we’ll just have to sit and wait for a while before the official announcement.