GTA 5: Rev Up Your Engine For A Tempting Race

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If you never knew that you could do something as staggering as this, then you’d probably not seen the best that GTA 5 has to offer to you yet. That’s because apparently, you could tempt the car next to you for a little race while you’re both stuck in traffic – only if you revved up your engine first.

That may sound pretty cool, so here’s a little tip for you hardcore gamers. If you ever find yourself pulling at a red light, try to rev up your engine and once the green light comes on, you could be challenged to an unexpected race with the car next to you. “Could” is because some users seem to get a whole different treatment; sometimes the guy in that car next to you would attempt to kill you instead. Not so fun anymore, eh?

Perhaps it’s just the aggressiveness that is ever-present in the game, and that’s what makes GTA GTA. You’ve got to get used to people getting aggressive in the game and trying to kill you at every chance they get; all just for the fun of it. Which makes you realize why this isn’t an appropriate game for the young ones. But then again, a kid-version game is available though.

So probably you could give some revving a try in the game, and let us know if it’s got you killed, or the champion in an unforeseen little match.