GTA 5: What You Ought To Know About ‘Em Cars

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If you’re not spending time playing the ever-so-aggressive GTA 5, you’re probably investing all those spare time in reading up about it. But did you know you could do a number of things that we’re about to mention here? It’s all thanks to a fan who’ve managed to find some of the unanswered questions and sharing it out for all to read.

For starters, you could steal and own cars that are not yours. Perhaps the only way to do so as far as the game goes, is to soup the stolen car up at LS Customs. And it’s even better if you have the skills, because all you’ve got to do is just buying LSC with Franklin, and you’re on your way to mod any car of your liking, for free. Bear this in mind: once you mod, it’s yours.

But then again, you are aware that there’s no way you can steal another character’s car with the original character that you are. Since a duplicate car’s all you have in your driveway, apparently there’s a chance for you to claim it as your car. But if you were to risk it all out just to get the car, be prepared to get killed or busted, and when that happens, the stolen car would appear in the impound stock. So it’s a bummer, still.

Last but not least, you’ve got to always keep your garage CLOSED. It seems that the garages in GTA 5 are super finicky that if you decided to park your Bugatti in your garage as Franklin and step out to switch to Michael before the garage closes, you’ll find that your beloved Bugatti (alongside other cars) will be gone forever. That’s where you should be adding some vulgarity into your vocabulary.

So remember to take chances and try taking risks to see what happens next. Just remember to close that damn garage door whenever you’re going to step out.