GTA 6 Is First In Line For PS5 In 2020?

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There have been many speculations revolving around the development of GTA 6 (yay!), and well, it’s probably because January seems to be a very productive month for rumours. But then again, we are hopeful that it’s happening soon and that we will wait for it as long as we can, even if it means it will be the first game to be released for 2020’s PS5.

And to have Eva Mendes as the first GTA 6 female protagonist would certainly be everyone’s dream come true. Considering her real-life partner, Ryan Gosling is already pretty well-known as contributing his voice for Red Dead Redemption, it won’t be surprising if Eva makes the cut as joining in the video game industry for the first time. Or there’s also a possibility that Ryan would make the jump from cowboy spurs to 21st century GTA 6 suit and supercars with Eva. And let’s not even begin with the location speculation; there’s Dubai, New York, …

Though the GTA 6 has no official release date yet, it’s claimed that it will take about 3 years of development, making it just in time for releasing it on the PlayStation 5 console that’s expected to come out around November 2020. Are you excited for this release, or do you think it’s taking forever to complete?