GTA 6 Will Be Blown Away By Natural Disasters

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The rumour hill revolving around the open-world action adventure game is still ongoing and rife, and the latest speculation so far might be the possibility of having the inclusion of natural disasters in the gameplay of GTA 6.

However, speculations should remain as they are as these are still unconfirmed by the game developer, Rockstar Games, themselves. What’s more, even the most pronounced among the rumours suggesting the game will have a female protagonist and that its gameplay map shall feature the entire map of the US are not even confirmed yet. The developer sure is tight-lipped about news concerning their latest sequel to the game.

Some of the natural disasters that are eyed in making an appearance in the GTA 6 are tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and typhoons, sources said. And these might be included into the game with the general idea of making players feel more “alive”, as compared to their predecessors. So, do you think we’ll be looking at an already immersive gameplay incorporating real-life survival skills?