Here’s Why Ford Is Indeed “America’s Best-Selling Vehicle”

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That big pick-up line never seems to go old, because Ford is a winner and still a champion for 34 continuous years. And that is seen clearly with the F-Series that for the first time ever in a decade, it sold over 85,000 units in December alone. Well, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

Ford had released a statement recently about the sales increment in US has rose 8%, capping a year in which it posted a 5% year-over-year sales gain for its best US sales performance since 2006. And it also seems like Ford’s officials are somewhat of a soothsayer; they’ve hinted that December would be the month where their truck sales would be looking strong, and surprisingly (or not), it did.

What can we say, a very big kudos to the team behind Ford for making this happen yet again. And here’s hoping for a brighter year ahead for the company, because it really seems that 2016 would be good to them.