Here’s Why Male Gamers Play As Females In Video Games (Male-Gazing Is Unsurprisingly One Of Them)

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It’s probably cool to play as someone that’s not anything like you virtually, right? Come on, looking at that picture above would clearly give you the answer already, right? If you were to ask a guy this question, most likely you’re going to get him pissed, because, just look at that body. Who could resist that body?! Yep, and take this for facts: most male gamers actually choose to be females in their games. But why?

Well, for the most part, it’s got to do with gazing at female parts, which somehow satisfies the gamers’ urge of fully enticed in the game, rather than just staring at a your own booty. Some actually felt weird choosing a male character because it makes them feel as though they are staring on their own behinds while engaging in the game.

There’s also a point whereby the male gamers would receive a completely different dynamic when their female character leads a street gang in a mafia war; affecting the narrative as you go through the gameplay. Perhaps it gives male gamers a refreshing feeling because probably, female voices might sell you more on the story; luring and attracting the gamers to feel more immersive and attentive all at the same time.

So, maybe it’s really all that, and also somewhat exploring the different properties of their different characters, because why do you think games like Black Ops III would be ranked as one of the best games of 2015, if it wasn’t for the inclusion of female leads?