Here’s Why The Leipzig Auto Show 2016 Is Cancelled

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We know you’re probably eager to see all the gorgeous cars in the metal during the upcoming Leipzig Auto Show that would supposedly be held in April, plus you’ve probably got your air tickets ready too. But the thing is, it’s not happening this year. And the reason for the event to be called off is rather demeaning, if we have to say so ourselves.

Apparently, the large-volume manufacturers had the sudden idea to pull out from the show, along with several automakers that withdrew themselves too; 13 car manufacturers and 17 brands, to be exact. And this has obviously led to some major disappointment in the Leipzig’s department. We certainly can’t blame them; as we ourselves were looking forward to it too.

So here’s the bomb reasoning we’ve all been waiting for. It seems that this withdrawal is due to the reduced exhibition space and the absence of competition in the “alternative communication concepts”. What a way to put it, though. But there’s no denying that it’s seriously a bummer for not being able to attend the second largest auto show in Germany.

Anybody here that’s disappointed by the fact that it’s not happening this year?