HTC 10 Offers One Last Teaser Before Release

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The advertising campaign by HTC to promote the life out of the HTC 10 has gotten everyone’s attention. Now people are waiting to see if HTC is going to deliver on its promises – some really big ones at that.

Though not as momentous as the MWC unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 is making one last ditch effort that will officially appear on April 12, which is super duper close to say the least.

After promoting its performance, audio, and camera capabilities via similarly concise and sharp video ads, the last one before its release is about another core aspect that fans have been asking HTC to fix which is battery life.

Despite having a 2,840mAh capacity battery, which should be more than enough for a 5.0-inch device, the HTC One M9 has been rated poorly by several tests when it comes to battery endurance.

General user sentiment also backs up the notion that HTC just plain sucks in offering good battery life. As a consolation, however, the company has been exceptional in providing tough phone builds.