HTC Nexus 9 Finally Bids Farewell – But Not Really

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Huawei, after ending its Nexus partnership with Google, is looking to create a new tablet by the name of Huawei 7P, which can be considered a homage to the Nexus 6P.

Google isn’t going to trek that path, as there doesn’t seem to be any plans announced or hinted regarding a new Nexus tablet. It’s all smartphones and phablets from here on out, at least for the near future.

And with the search giant pulling the HTC Nexus 9 from the Google Play Store recently, it doesn’t look like the future of the pure Android lineup is going to be led by any tablets.

Fortunately for those who were looking to get one, HTC is not going to discontinue that tablet anytime soon on its end. It can be gotten on sites like Amazon as well for about $210.

If you want to get a tablet strictly from Google, there is always the Pixel C which hasn’t really taken off but remains a decent option nonetheless.