HTC One M10 To Drop “One M”, Launching As HTC 10 Instead

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The powerfully-teased HTC One M10 has reportedly dropped part of its name because the tech maker wants the device to be known as just “HTC 10”. Could that be more confusing than what its predecessors have gone through; come to think of it, it’s still pretty easy to remember, right?

This rumour came from known leakers Evan Blass and OnLeaks, where both have tweeted the possibility for the device to be named as such. Since that’s quite like our best indication of what it’s going to be named, we’d just make do with it. And besides, the company had recently published a teaser image that hashtags “#Powerof10”, so that could mean something behind that name.

Blass even went further to suggest that there’s no chance for us to be seeing the device coming in a variant that will run of Windows Phone, because they are just not optimistic of that ever happening. But then again, it’s not like Windows fans have always gotten what they desired with the device.

What do you think about the new name, though?