HTC One M10: What To Expect (Again)

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Previous reports have claimed that the Taiwanase-made HTC One M10 would be released at the end of February, but now things seem to be taking another turn. The codenamed “Perfume” is now reportedly going to be launched a little while later, so fans shouldn’t be holding their breath for far too long.

What we can make do for now is to analyze on the “updated” rumoured list of specs the One M10 would be coming out with. The latest rumour has it that the phone would be sporting a 5.1-inch screen with AMOLED display, and that’s natural since they’ve made the switch from QHD displays a while ago.

The One M10 is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 820 core processor, with unknown clocked rates, though would be met with relatively no hiccups due to the Android Marshmallow system it would be running on. It’s probably not a big deal for the Nexus family of smartphones to be running on the Marshmallow system, but you’d think otherwise because the cuztomized Android version that would be on the M10 actually requires a long time.

Perhaps the most interesting bit everyone is looking forward to is that the One M10 could be equipped with a Quick Charge feature, which would enable the phone to be charged to around 83% in just 30 minutes of charging. And it’s to be expected with packing in a 32GB of internal storage, with 4GB of RAM. So if you’re looking for a price tag on the Perfume, we’re probably guessing it’s around $700.

But tell us, though, how much are you really looking forward to the HTC One M10?