HTC One M10 Would Look Like This [Leaked Pic]

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HTC is getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s all because of its One M10 hype that’s been around for few months. We’ve all been expecting to see it in the flesh during the recent Mobile World Congress but it didn’t show up, though releasing a teaser image about the device shortly after.

Now we might be seeing what’s deemed to be our best indication of what the HTC One M10 would look like, all thanks to this leaked picture of a press render. And it’s showing the device from all angles, seemingly very legit and we’d have this image on our minds already up until another plans to be released again.

Besides, HTC is very confident about the upcoming flagship’s camera as they thinks it’s certainly “compelling” indeed. It’s going to set them apart from their other rivals in the overcrowded smartphone market, and something for HTC to be truly proud of in the long run.

Well what we can say is that it looks very cleanly-designed and though it might actually seem a tad bit bulky, it should be pretty comfortable to hold on to. Let us know in the comments section below about what you think of this render.