HTC Splashes Big Cash For Vive VR Support!

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Because the company has no other division to focus on other than its core smartphone operations, HTC doing all it can to expedite the path to viability for its HTC Vive virtual reality hardware.

In order to do so, the ecosystem for VR has to be established and grown. Therefore the Taiwanese electronics brand is investing $100 million into a VR start-up support program called Vive X.

What it does is provide hubs for VR start-up companies to get training so that they could better grow their business in what is still a budding and mostly uncharted industry.

With these hubs, attention will be given to train companies one-on-one instead of relying on a less effective ‘seminar’ approach. There will be access to funding as well. The first three will be planted in San Francisco, Taipei, and Beijing.

HTC is really putting its money where its mouth is when it predicted that VR technology could surpass smartphones by 2020.