HTC Vive VR Gets Boost With Fallout 4!

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Establishing an early dominance, or at least carving out a core identity for their respective products is of paramount importance to Oculus, Sony, and HTC in the nascent VR hardware market.

Because of its much steeper price compared to its rivals, HTC is aiming to plant its flag for the HTC Vive VR on the premium side of the market.

It has already started forming its ‘high-end’ image earlier this year when it was revealed that BMW is going to use the Vive in the development and production processes of their future vehicles.

This time HTC is taking a bigger step with something more pertinent to what the Vive offers as a device – high-end gaming. The Taiwanese company has partnered up with Bethesda to take AAA title Fallout 4 into the VR realm on the headset. The game is expected to come out for the Vive in late 2017.

The partnership could backtrack to other big titles of past such as Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as well. Fancy having Doom or the new Quake Champions on VR? Why not?