Infiniti: The Q-What?

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Infiniti seems to have an infinite amount of love to change the names of their cars. The latest name-changing affects the upcoming Q30 pseudo-crossover, but don’t worry, this is only happening in the US. Other parts of the world will still recognize the car as the Q30, whereas US will be wearing the QX30, QX30 S or QX30 AWD badges. They must have a very strong fetish for the letter Q, possibly idolizing Q from the Bond movie? We kid.

Apparently, there’s also speculation regarding the name change might help bring in more money as it is now referring every version to a “crossover”. We can’t disagree with that as there’s a slight logic in that the vaguely crossover-shaped Q30 would be far better served as a full-blown crossover, given how hot the crossover market segment is.

It’s slated to arrive in mid-2016, with a starting price of $30,000. But make 100% sure you’re choosing the right “Q”, as we’re still putting our heads together getting these models’ names right.