iPhone 7 Capable Of Massive Sales, Despite Gloom

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Even the biggest companies in the world have limits to their capabilities, and sales ceilings that keep them grounded – even mammoth companies as influential as Apple. For the pioneer of the smartphone, that ceiling has apparently been met by the iPhone 6 lineup.

Investors and analysts mostly believe that, barring some revolutionary change in Cupertino, the iPhone 7 is the beginning of Apple’s decline from its summit.

But a certain analyst from Cowen & Company by the name of Timothy Arcuri has insisted that the iPhone 7 is capable of pushing the threshold that’s supposedly met by the iPhone 6.

He has stated through his report that the about a third of the total iPhone user base at the moment are on models that are at least two generations back. These users would be the ones driving the sales of the iPhone 7 as they look to upgrade, and they should account for up to 70 million units.

It’s not too far-fetched to say that the iPhone is yet to reach its peak. The iPhone SE, which has largely been criticized as a product of Apple digging up the past as it runs out of ideas, has exceeded expectations and now the company is struggling to keep up with its demand.