iPhone 7 Would Have 3.5mm Port After All

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Apple fans were worried that the company was beginning to lose the plot when earlier reports emerged of the iPhone 7 ditching the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in order to further slim down the device.

Those reports apparently cited ‘insider info’ from Apple’s iPhone supply chain in China, which said that from the next flagship henceforth the only alternatives for users to use earphones or headsets are Bluetooth connection and lightning port adapters.

That had incensed plenty of Cupertino loyalists, many of whom had remarked that Apple is going too far in order to milk more money from its customers.

Well, those folks can now calm down as reports have recently surfaced saying that the iPhone 7 would indeed have the 3.5mm port, so users don’t have to resort to buying wireless Beats headsets or lightning port adapters from Apple that would cost a pretty penny.

But don’t rejoice too soon, as the latest scoop in this matter is also unconfirmed. Although there are leaked pictures of a 4.7-inch iPhone unit boasting the aforementioned port, there is no guarantee that those images are officially from Cupertino.