Is BMW M2 Their Best Work Yet?

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BMW’s M2 has a rather simple ad; opera music in the background as you see the car driving and whooshing across the wet roads. But perhaps they wanted to make that a selling point to have you regard it as a masterpiece, because, it might just be.

BMW engineers claims that it might just be their best M model so far, and since they are true artists, there’s no reason to think otherwise. Plus, we’re pretty sure the video somehow made some sort of an impact on you; it could be the music that’s really soothing your ears, or just the fact that the high-performance M2 Coupe doing its thing.

It’s good to know that the M2 Coupe will come with at least 10 features that would set them apart from conventional M models. The M2 features a Twin-Scroll turbo technology, high-precision direct injection, Valvetronic, and pistons and crank bearings borrowed from the M4’s S55, as well as extracting parts from the M3/M4’s 3.0-litre 6-cylinder engine to insert into the heart of this luxury coupe.

If you’re wondering how you could see the M2 Coupe in the flesh, you can do so at the Detroit Auto Show that’s happening this month. Or you could just stay tuned as we’ll update about the show from time to time.