Is Google Envious Of The Apple iPhone?

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Back when Apple conquered the smartphone market with their once-and-still-is iPhone, nobody else was on par with their standard. It only took a few years for Android phones to rival off with their never-ending fight, ultimately racing to see which one delivers better for the users.

It’s also worth noting that Apple’s interface hasn’t changed much since its inception, and they probably would be the same in the future too. We’ve known the user experience like the back of our hand; always dominated by a grid-system of app icons. That probably doesn’t affect users much, considering iPhones are still in production. But one person seems to think otherwise. Google’s designer Matias Duarte, believes iPhone’s interface to be rather stagnant.

Duarte thinks that the design might have originally been a positive development, but has also outworn itself overtime. What’s more, the idea of a tiny grid for the row of icons, he believes, “feels very heavy and burdensome”. While we don’t really see a point of debating in this non-debatable issue, can we just say that Google is slightly envious of Apple’s success? But come on, it’s not like their Android phones aren’t working as well as their Apple counterparts.