LG G5 Finally Here: What We Know So Far

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It would seem more like a toy rather than a smartphone – you’ve just got to make darn sure your kid isn’t mistaking it for being one of his favourite playtime gadgets.

You probably had remembered the rumour about the LG G5 having a retractable battery slot, and the one we’ve seen at the MWC proves it to be true. It’s pretty cool, and none other than what we’ve seen on other phones out there in the market (well, nostalgic Nokia phones doesn’t count, right?). It’s also got tons of other accessories and the chassis is full-aluminium.

And moreover, you’ll have less to worry about giving your phone an expiration date (like the Galaxy S7 or the iPhone), since you could always replace the battery with a new one anytime you like. So that’s probably the selling point here, well, so long it doesn’t go faulty all the time that you’ll have to have it changed every month or so.

So that awesome battery slot contains a massive 4,000mAh battery in a single charge, all that to power up the 5.3-inch smartphone. We mentioned about the many accessories the G5 comes with and these are some of it: LG camera module with physical camera controls, LG “roll-y ball” that’s seemingly a speaker, and the VR headset (which seems like every other company is releasing something similar), among others.

That being said, it sure is something interesting and refreshing to see from the overcrowded market once in a while. What are your thoughts on this LG flagship and would you find yourself purchasing it in the near future?