Like Google, Dyson Attempts An EV – Will It Suck?

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At this point any electronics company with enough audacity and funding can make a leap into the automotive world. Google is doing it, Apple is working behind closed doors, and now Dyson wants in on the action.

Yes, the company renowned for making excellent vacuum cleaners is going to come up with an electric car with the British government providing the funds.

Unlike Google, however, there isn’t any word on whether Dyson is planning to go autonomous. A good guess is that it’s not – it is for the uninitiated a very risky venture.

According to Bold Ride, the investment from the British government amounts to £174 million. Six months ago, Dyson had bought over battery development company Sakti3, splashing $90 million and it looks like the new acquisition will be putting its expertise to use through the additional government funding.

Perhaps buyers of the Dyson EV could get a complementary vacuum. Will they design the cabin with ease of cleaning in mind?