Ludicrous Tesla Model 3 Rivals Acura NSX For Speed

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As far as electric-driven vehicles go, there aren’t many choices out there for those who want the thrill of high performance. Most choices are hybrids or plug-in hybrids, such as the BMW i8, Lexus LC 500h, and Acura NSX.

Out of the three, the fastest is surely the NSX. It is rated at 573hp and 476lb-ft torque, with an ability to manage a 0-60mph acceleration in under three seconds. Some reviews suggest that the figure is about 2.7 to 2.8 seconds.

That’s about the same as what the Tesla Model S and Model X equipped with Ludicrous Mode can do. Given that the Model 3 is lighter than its two siblings, confirmation of Ludicrous Mode on the vehicle means that it may just outdo the Honda halo super car.

Even if having Ludicrous Mode results in the price of the Model 3 reaching up to $50,000, it would still be considered a bargain given that the Acura NSX starts at $156,000.

If over 400,000 reservations of the Model 3 aren’t enough for Tesla, the many more that it would have captured with that announcement would surely lead to way more folks expressing interest and putting down money for the vehicle.