Make Way For 2016’s Fallout 4 DLCs

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You’re probably thinking, “what? They’ve just released Fallout 4 recently! Isn’t it too soon?” or you belong to the other category of, “about time now!” Either way, we bet there are more that leans more to the latter category, just because Fallout 4 is so addictive players would want more and more.

Well, if you really belong to the latter, you’re in luck. Bethesda made announcements earlier that they’re going to be releasing a whole lot of DLCs and they will be spread throughout the year. And take note, they’re going to be available on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. If this exciting news doesn’t already bring you to the edge of your seats, we are not entirely sure what will.

Let’s not forget the fact that many of the fans seem to show interest in the mysterious underwater world. Well, let’s just pray hard and hope that these hints would reach Bethesda so that a whole new adventure would be available ahead of us!