Matrix PowerWatch: A True Revolution

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The biggest drawback of smartwatches is the constant need to charge them as they are running on small batteries that can’t possibly support their hardware for long hours.

It looks like someone has finally figured this issue out. The Matrix PowerWatch is going scientific and it looks like a true revolution in the market.

The Matrix PowerWatch generates power via the user’s body heat and it goes into low-power mode when it is taken off. All you need to strap it back on and you’ll be good to resume back to the normal mode.

The smartwatch comes with a power meter which can indicate the amount of electricity the user’s body is producing which has never been done before.

Besides that, the Matrix PowerWatch is able to precisely calculate calories burned along with user’s activities and sleep.

The Matrix PowerWatch, a work in progress since 2014, is made out of rugged aluminum and is water resistant of up to 50 meters of liquid.

This evolved smartwatch is currently available for pre-order at a mere $99 while its retail price is expected to be $170.

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  1. Khen Ofek

    November 15, 2016 at 6:09 am

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