Mercedes-Benz No Longer Able To Tout Its BlueTec Diesel Technology

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Sure, it might have been the best solution for the company in providing a cleaner, eco-friendly “hero” of the environment, but recent allegations regarding Mercedes-Benz aren’t what they seemingly are supposed to do. That’s because apparently, the company is allegedly containing defeat devices that hinder the effectiveness of pollution-control systems.

Consumers must have been taken as a fool for believing in Mercedes’ attempt in selling diesel cars which were less harmful to the environment. Truth to be told, they’ve not disclosed any information regarding the pollution it emits at illegal levels when driven at lower temperatures. Well, that kind of just shows that the company hasn’t been completely honest, eh?

For the unfamiliar, Mercedes-Benz diesels that are equipped with the BlueTec technology include the following: ML 320, ML 350, GL 320, S 350, E 320, R 320, E Class, GL Class, ML Class, R Class, S Class, GLK Class, GLE Class and Sprinter. And since the company isn’t responding (at all) to this PR disaster, so let’s hope we’re going to hear something from them very, very soon.