Mercedes-Benz Pickup: What We Know So Far

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When we think of Mercedes-Benz, we always relate it to being a luxury sedan, a luxurious family-car; just plain luxury. So, when the automaker decided to come out with a pickup (yes, they’re currently in production), we don’t really know for sure how to react, and what’s more, is there really going to be a demand?

Regardless, they are still going to come up with one, and recent details suggest that the pickup would be offered in multiple trims in order to suit customers’ needs. First and foremost, the base model would be a contractor-grade work truck with few frills, optional all-wheel drive, and a 2.3-litre four-cylinder diesel with 188 horsepower.

Then, there’s the mid-level version which houses the same engine, but have more amenities. Details for that are still in the midst now, though. And finally, the top trim would pile on luxury features and get a six-cylinder diesel with around 255 horsepower. These are all that’s been suggested by an Australian insider, so we would just say it’s our best indication yet.

Well, whatever Mercedes-Benz plans to do on the pickup is still widely unknown, but we’re kind of doubting if it’s ever going to fare well in the market. Do you think you’ll opt for the Benz pickup instead of other notable pickup brands?