Metal Gear Solid Remake: Has Konami Approved This Awesomeness?

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Apparently, there seems to be an independent developer that’s in the works of an Unreal Engine 4 remake of the best stealth game ever: 1998’s Metal Gear Solid. Airam Hernandez, the man behind the remake has been working on this project for several months and has also released a trailer (which looks fantastic by the way) but it must be noted that Konami owns the IP and they can shut down the project.

In 2014, a similar project was shut down by Konami after a team of developers were working on the remake of the original Metal Gear (the one released in 1987). It must be noted that Konami first greenlit the project but then decided to back out. Moreover, Konami also shut down Metal Gear Philanthropy 2 a follow up to an amazing fan made Metal Gear Solid movie. In short, Konami is serious about its IP and understandabli so. Perhaps the indie dev should be paying attention at who he’s messing with.

However the developer who is working on the remake is teasing new information about the game. You can check out the series of tweets below but I am speculating that the project has possibly been greelit by Konami, which means that they can go ahead with the remake. It may also mean that Konami is officially funding this project but this is most likely off the cards since the Japanese company won’t outsource its famous series to an unknown entity.

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We will see how it all pans out and we will keep you updated as this develops. Stay tuned!