Microsoft Still Struggling: People Like The Hardware, Not The Software

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What comes to mind when you think of Microsoft? Bill Gates, Word, Powerpoint and maybe Word. Apart from the founder himself, the other two are some of Microsoft’s well-known software programmes. Despite being mostly recognized as a software company, and even with the most interesting launch of the Windows 10 this year, it might strike as a surprise to some, because the most interesting 2015 product is the HoloLens augmented reality headset (though it’s not out yet, but it has been demonstrated earlier this year) and the Surface Book hybrid laptop.

So why is there so much hoo-ha going around Microsoft’s hardware instead of its software? Perhaps it’s the reception of both of these products being less of what they were and more about what they represented. It’s not exactly certain what the HoloLens would be meant for, but it’s most definitely a next-level computer that interacts with the melding of virtual 3D objects and the real world. Yep, still quite hard to figure this one out.

But the Surface Book seems more legitimately useful than the former. It’s not something new; a laptop that works as a separate tablet too upon tearing off, but it’s still beautiful in its own way, with an optional discrete GPU in the keyboard base. Pretty cool feature, we must say. So, should we still be looking forward to Microsoft’s software programmes or hardware products now? What do you think?