Mission Possible: Syncing iTunes Music To Your Android Device

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Nope, you didn’t misread the title. If you have been a devoted iTunes fan all your life but you happen to have an Android phone where you can’t sync your favourite tunes into, fret not, because now you can. Thanks to a number of apps that are available to rescue you from your worries; just check out some of them that we’ve extracted just for you.

For starters, there’s Apple Music, which is the first major Apple app for an Android device. It’s still going to cost you $10 per month, but since it’s an official Apple app, it represents the most straightforward, hassle-free way of getting all your purchased tunes from an Android device. Then there’s Spotify, where it has an option to import local files from your computer. Hover over the Preferences on the Edit menu in your desktop app, choose iTunes and all of your selected tracks will be available in the desktop app and through the mobile apps.

Also, this must’ve been the most common but overshadowed way: simply copy and paste. You might not have realized it, but you could actually highlight a playlist of tracks in iTunes, then click Edit and Copy, have it pasted to a folder on your Android phone, plug it out and voila.

This list is definitely not exhaustive yet, but do check them all out and see which option you prefer best.