More Star Wars Collectibles: The Lightsaber Pen That Would Cost You A Fortune

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This isn’t about cars, but we don’t care. Even before the release of the Star Wars movie or post-release, the merchandise is going crazy and it’s basically flooding the market. That’s when we should give all its glory for this creative invention: two limited edition lightsaber pens.

And it’s not at your usual rates for the common collectibles, but a whopping amount of $25,000 each. These pens have been created by pen maker S.T. Dupont, and he claims that each miniature saber comes with either a green or red topaz, with the “saber” itself crafted from bronze alongside “black lacquer with palladium and rhodium finishes”. Sounds real luxurious.

Oh, and there’s also the fact that it hovers, as though there’s an unseen force that’s keeping it afloat. But unfortunately, nope, we hate to break it to you but it’s just magnets doing their thing. So, if you think you need to own every Star Wars collectible in the world, this might just be your most treasured one. Still, we think you should rather have it considered not once, but twice, before making the purchase, because come on, it’s one helluva lot of money.