More Than 8 Million Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon Recalled!

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Seems like Chevy and GMC isn’t celebrating New Year’s as blissfully as their Toyota and Ford counterparts. Apparently, General Motors has made a recall to 8,763 of the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, so that dealers can replace a faulty console compartment lid latch assembly.

It’s a component that’s as equally important as other parts of the vehicle, because in the event of a crash, the console lid latch’s that supposed to be closed may be open instead if it proves to be faulty. This is a defect that could pose as a danger to vehicle occupants during a collision, sources said. Therefore, it is indeed a wise choice for GM to have them recalled because if they don’t and if accidents were to occur, GM’s name would really go down the drain.

Here’s some important details for truck owners to keep track of. You can reach Chevrolet’s customer service at (800)222-1020, or GMC’s customer service at (800)462-8782, while GM’s number for this recall is 16370.