Move Aside Google Chrome, These Replacements Are Just As Good

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Ask anyone around you about their preferred browser, and most of them would tell you it’s Google Chrome, because, what’s there not to like about it? It’s been fantastic using it, especially on Android phones. But it’s also got its fair share of issues in not being as fast and smooth as before, which is why it’s probably time to find an alternative.

There’s Dolphin; the browser has a traditional interface which makes navigation very easy, and you can access an extra tab without needing a full tab overview (we see some nods already). Their only downside is probably the amount of space is takes and how it has a slower javascript.

Opera doesn’t have a very appealing interface, but if you’re just opting for a simple UI, you’ll be more than satisfied with Opera. The menu button is their big plus point as you’ll be able to find every element easily without eye-scanning the entire list, but you have to bear with some internal data being eaten up if you were to use this browser.

Perhaps this next browser is going to sound very unexpected it’s made it to our list; it’s Firefox. Many people have actually made the switch from Firefox to Chrome just because most of us liked the interface and whole system better (also, it didn’t lag, not anymore). One of the best features of Firefox is its ability to save pages as PDF documents, but the javascript could be slower if you close the application and reopen it.

So, the choice is really all yours. We hope we have been able to guide you through some of our recommendations so far.