Netflix Has No Chill: VPN Restrictions Remain

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Netflix was before this only used in North America and Europe, legally at least. There were those who used VPN to access the streaming service from regions where it isn’t available, provided they had access to user accounts.

Now that Netflix has gone global, VPN users have lost that luxury. The decision to clamp down on those using VPN means that while using the service legally, folks abroad won’t be able to access the broad US catalog anymore.

This is because of content rights and also because of local censorship policies in certain places. Even in the US there are certain content that Netflix doesn’t have the right to, while it may be accessible to users in the UK for instance.

So for those not in the US who want to consider subscribing to Netflix, there is a website called uNoGS that allows for checking the amount of content for the service according to country.

It displays the total number of videos available, how many of them are movies and how many are TV series. It also shows what the amount of new videos added in the last 7 days, what they are, and how many are expiring. Go check it out!